Saturday, April 9, 2011


Jordan was a whirlwind- we arrived on Monday morning and were back to the Jerusalem Center for dinner on Thursday night. We had a lot packed into every day and I was asleep seconds after my head hit the pillow every night. I love going to bed being exhausted from productive, fun days.
Mt. Nebo- commemorating the translation of Elijah and Moses. There is also a brass serpent with a snake to commemorate Moses and his people wandering through the wilderness.
Petra! This was a quick stop we took on our hike that we took up to a monastery that was built into the rock- beautiful stones. Petra was definitely a highlight of the trip. The colors in the mountains are so vivid.
Kait and I in front of the treasury at Petra!
Look at those colors!
Another stop on our hike up a bajillion stairs with a dead 90 degree incline to the monastery.
We snuck up into the entrance of the monastery. I'll have to post pictures later of the entire building- it's absolutely incredible. I have cool friends.
View from the tombs we hiked to at Petra. me and Greg- our friendship may have started a little late but definitely worth it- he's a great guy that always has a story to tell and witty comment.

View from the third castle we have stormed since being in Israel. Some of the coolest people ever. Donovan, Rachel, Chels and I were playing hide and seek and happened upon some people who found a secret room. We ventured into a dark tunnel without a flashlight (we used the flashes on our cameras to guide us) and walked down stairs until we found people at the bottom looking into a deep hole. As we went down we had to sit down and slide for part of the time so we didn't fall. Thus the dirty pants. Some of the coolest people I know right here.
We had the chance to go to a mosque. We were invited to take our shoes off and cover our heads with scarves. I have loved learning about the Islamic faith and have gained so much respect for their dedication. The call to prayer that we hear five times every day is a reminder for them to say their prayers.
Jabbok River- the location of the place Jacob "wrestled" and received the name Israel.
Jerash- my favorite part of this was that every place we went there were little girls who mobbed us. One girl would come up and ask for a picture and suddenly you were surrounded by a mob of girls. I met so many people. They would pinch my cheeks, say "so beautiful", ask for my name, and shove a phone in my face to take a picture which they would then show to me while saying "pretty". Forget going to the Old City for a self esteem boost, I'm going to Jerash!
Best moment when this girl decided to kiss me on the cheek for the picture and held it there for a good ten seconds. Would have been awkward if I wasn't so happy to be there.
Largest theater in Israel- we ran up these stairs to the very top and sang to the people down at the bottom. I met some sweet 11 year old boys here who also wanted a picture.
Green team.
Not only were we matching but we were bus buddies- I can't count how many people told us we were matching throughout the day. Austen secretly loved it.
Last stop of the trip- Jordan River where some believe Christ was baptized (there is this location and one up north in Galilee) It honestly doesn't matter to me which site it is, I just love having a visual of where this sacred event took place and reading the scriptures in such a holy place.
I talked to my parents last night on the phone and dad said "See you next week." Wow. I can't believe there are only 10 days left on this program. I have learned so much. I can't wait for my parents to get here.


Angie said...

I can't wait either. I'm so excited! I love the first picture of you with all the little girls. THEY are beautiful, too. The children are always my favorite part of any trip.
PS You're so tan! People won't know we're related.

Steph said...

I am so jealous! You better be keeping a journal of these amazing and awe-inspiring adventures. You are wonderful to me. And your mom is right; you are tan! I guess some things never change... ;)

Da Bergs said...

I am so dang jealous! I wish I was learning all that you are! It would sure make it easier to understand and teach the NT!!! ENJOY!!!

Thayne said...

keep on laughing....and posting