Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is this real life?

The weekend started off on Friday when about 30 of us from the center participated in the first Jerusalem Marathon. I wish I could say I ran in the marathon but I'm pretty proud of my 10k. This is definitely the land of hills and valleys. Kaitlin and I made the most of the hills by running down airplane style with our arms stretched out singing "I Believe I Can Fly". It was so surreal to run through the Old City and see the different parts of Jerusalem as we ran. I can't believe this has been my home for the past 3 months. 10,000 people came together to run in this race for cancer and we met people from all over the world. Not only was the race a great experience but we got a sweet neon green shirt, backpack, medal, and lots of free food.
For our free day on Sunday the whole center went to Eilat to go snorkeling in the Red Sea. Being in the water was so relaxing and we soaked up the sun on the beach for as long as we could.
Here are all our wonderful boys here at the Jerusalem Center. How did I get so lucky to meet so many amazing people? I honestly don't know.
Although I was deathly ill (or at least it felt like it) for our field trip on Monday, I loved every minute of it. This is outside the Temple Mount on the steps that Jesus would have often walked on. This could have been the very place he met the man born blind and rubbed his eyes with mud before sending him to the Pool of Siloam just minutes away. I have literally walked where Christ walked.

The pictures are a little out of order- our trip at Eilat: Kaitlin, Cory, Josh, Chelsea, Rachel, me, Donovan

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Steph said...

You are amazing! As much as I love following Christ, I'm gonna be better at following your footsteps too. I love you, beautiful!