Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eternal Perspective

I remember thinking in the first weeks of being in Jerusalem how perfect this place is. I told myself nothing could go wrong here and every day would be pure bliss. I absolutely love it here. I love everything about the rush that comes from wandering through the Old City. I love greeting locals as they come to the Jerusalem Center for concerts. I love living, studying, eating, and sleeping with people who have become some of my closest friends. I love learning about the people here. I love studying the life of the Savior in the places He walked and taught. I love playing with children as they run through the streets. I love being in primary and learning from the children there. I love learning about the history of the Holy Land. I love going on field trips and experiencing life in a new and exciting way. I love my life.
Naturally there are those days that just seem a little off. I have grown to love those quiet moments by myself when I can sit and ponder about the love my Father in Heaven and Savior have for me. I know that they love me. I know that they understand the thoughts and intentions of my heart better than anyone else. I know that they are waiting to guide me through this earthly existence so I can return to live with them.
Tonight was one of those nights when everything seemed a little bit off. I stood in a crowded room surrounded by people that I love and felt somewhat out of place at that moment. I was reminded of the experience I had at the Sand Dunes when I realized the importance of taking time to myself to talk with my Heavenly Father. I thought about the inspiration I felt there- just as Heavenly Father led Lehi and his family through the wilderness and guided them to the promised land- He will lead me through the confusions and trials in my life. I realized once again how important it is that I take time to myself in order to be reminded and comforted.
The little things in life don't matter. The only thing that matters is the gospel; and even more than that the relationship I have with my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. If I put them first in my life everything else falls into place. I know that I am a happier person when I strive to be more Christlike.
I love the experience I am having in Jerusalem because it is teaching me how to be a happier person. I am learning what happiness comes from. I am learning how vital the gospel is in my life. I am learning how important my family is to me. I am learning that I need to live my life in a way that sets an example for others. I am so far from perfect- but the amazing message of this gospel teaches me that is okay. The power of the Atonement can heal me and shape me into the person my Heavenly Father knows I can be. I know that He sees divine potential in all of His children. I know He loves each person with an infinite amount of love.

Sometimes I just need to be reminded to have an eternal perspective.

*I have grown to love reading conference talks and a few days ago I downloaded one to read later. Right after finishing this blog post I pulled it up to read the talk and was touched at how much President Uchtodrf's message applied to the way I am feeling right now. I had no idea why I pulled this talk up a few days ago- but the message is perfect and poignant for me right now. Just another testimony to me that my Heavenly Father loves me and is watching out for me, even when I don't realize it.

Click here for the talk.

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Shanna said...

You're awesome! Love your posts and love your example. Keep having fun. -Shan