Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day in Jerusalem was amazing. We started the day off with a great field trip. We had the chance to herd some sheep and talked about the significance of ensuring that we had all the sheep with us, just as Jesus Christ will never leave one of his sheep behind.

Then we went to a cistern and talked about all the scenes in the Bible that took place at a well. We talked about the living water that Christ offers to us and how we can partake of it.

Next we headed over to grind up some hyssop! This delicious plant can be used for medicinal purposes but we ground it up to use as a spice- on your eggs, pita, veggies-whatever you want! I hope I can find it in the United States because it is sooo good.

After we finished grinding our hyssop we went to build fires and make pitas. Pita tastes even better when its cooked over the fire.

Jared found this awesome chameleon-the pictures don't even do it justice. It was a lot lighter color when he first caught it.

Our last stop was at a water wheel- a model of where people worked all day to get their water. We each had the chance to run on the water wheel- Kaitlin, Rachel, and I struggled a little but it was a lot of fun. We took it nice and slow after seeing all the other people before us get their foot caught and fall down.

The night ended with an awesome Valentines Day dance in the gym and making Valentines for each other. I got some of the sweetest/funniest Valentines ever. We had a wonderful Valentines day! I also got a letter in the mail from my best friend, Tyson and a wedding announcement from one of my closest friends, Shelby! I'm so excited for her to get married in just a few days now. Congratulations Shelby and Jake! I wish I could be there but I'm excited to see you guys in just a few months. Love you Shelb!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!


Steph said...

Okay, all this is doing is making me want to be there with you! I miss you but I'm so excited for everything you're learning. You'll have to come home and teach me everything!

rad6 said...

Jess... glad that holidays are special over there. I cant even imagine how amazing easter will be. Will you still be there since it is so late this year.
Shelby and Jake are at the temple Im guessing right now... it is POURING and WINDY... but it will still be their most amazing day ever!
Cute friends. haha...
Cute you!
Love you!