Sunday, February 20, 2011

A lot of the reason I love it here....

My mom is always asking about my friends here because I talk about how much I love everyone here so much- so this is for you mom! Every once in a while I'll introduce you to some of my friends at the Jerusalem Center.

Sitting across from me is Danielle Whitehead- she goes to BYU-I. She is a beautiful girl and always pleasantly surprises us. We became close with her when she was Rachel's roommate in Egypt. She is lots of fun and always makes us laugh.
Sitting next to Danielle is Chelsea Jackson. I adore Chelsea- she lives right next door to us so we get to have her over a lot. She always looks for the best in people and loves to make people happy. She is one of the happiest people I have ever met. I try to surround myself with people that make me want to be a better person and Chelsea definitely fits that role. Meet Joshua Benson Steele from Preston, Idaho. Although we met briefly in the airport we didn't really become friends until a few weeks ago. He always has a video camera in his hand- so I'll have him to thank for documenting life in Jerusalem. He has a very sarcastic personality which fits well with me- we tend to argue back and forth but its all out of love.
A.J. from Orem, Utah is one of those people that you just want to hang out with all the time. He has the best facial expressions and is always smiling. I love that I can joke around with him and he'll joke back with me. Very fun person to be with and just an all around good guy.
Donovan has a very playful personality but also knows when its time to work and be serious. He's one of those guys that can do everything- and is currently teaching me how to play the guitar. I'll be pro by the time I get home. (side note-these crepes were one of the best desserts I've ever had)
This is my big brother, Brock, from Bountiful,Utah. He teases me like I'm his sister and always says things to embarrass me- although he says he's just trying to see how I react to uncomfortable situations. I like to give him a hard time and he takes it pretty well- most of the time. He always has words of wisdom to give and is always ready to learn.
I realize most of these people are boys- but I promise I have girl friends too, I just need to get more pictures with them. And you should already know all about my roommates who I talk about all the time.

And a shout out to my family in Disneyland- dad has been emailing me pictures keeping me updated on all the adventures. I'm a little sad I'm missing out on the big family vacation but it looks like everyone is having a great time! I love you guys!


Angie said...

Great time, yes, but SO missing you. We are planning on muchas mas days later in the year when you can be with us.
Thank you for the post of friends. More, more, more. But I guess you need to prioritize. Bro. Muhlstein has sent et some pics and nice notes. They love you! And I know why.

Kaitlin Marie Photography said...

9 Followers! You blogging maniac!